Chargers cut David Binn

In most NFL teams, the snapper is simply a part of the special teams. You know of his name when he made a major mistake, but for the San Diego Chargers, David Binn was a well known part of the San Diego organization. For nearly two decades, Binn personified San Diego's special teams.

That’s why there are many sad fans in San Diego after the Chargers cut him. He is, by far, the biggest name in the AFC West to be cut this week. He played in San Diego for a team-record 17 seasons and a team-record 179 consecutive games, 256 games overall. He is the only player remaining from the 1994 AFC Champions that went the Super Bowl, the only time San Diego played in the Super Bowl.

He will come down as one of the most remembered San Diego players of all time.

The Chargers have decided to go with Mike Windt at long snapper. In the end, youth and the fact that Windt has two more years on his contract swayed the Chargers. Binn, 39, was entering his contract's final year.

We will all miss you David Binn. Good luck and thanks for the memories....

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